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 200: Graceland

Format: CD
Genre: Independent
Label: Tutl
Release Date: 31.07.2006
Order Number: CG59380

200 was formed in 1996 for the compilation ?Rock ? F?royum 2?. Niels, Uni and Mikael all were members of rock band ?Mold? and wanted to do something different. To begin with, 200 was a side project with a mission: To prove, that ?alternative? rock could be sung in Faroese. At the time almost all Faroese rock bands sang in English. There wasn't much activity until 2000, when the ?200 sound? was established. The Elvis voice, the political lyrics and the musical style all came together at this period. 200's music is mostly about Faroese politics. With satirical lyrics, subjects like Faroese independence from the Danish Empire, homophobia and christian fundamentalism are portrayed in a different angle. When asked why the lyrics are political the answer is simply: That is what is on our minds. Thus the music is a tool to get our opinions across. Many things in the Faroe Islands are fxxxed up, and somebody has to say it ... Released at the G! festival 2006, Graceland is 200's ugliest, nastiest and angriest release yet. It's black. And it looks like it's been on fire. Recorded by the Devil and mixed in Hell.

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