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TRAUM BAUM RECORDS is one of the leading music companies in Russia and the Ukraine, distributing all types of independent labels. Founded in 1997, TRAUM BAUM RECORDS quickly established itself as the most reliable source of imported CDs, Vinyl, DVDs and other musical merchandise.

The Company's main office is located in Berlin and the Russian sales office is located in Moscow. This ensures a close cooperation with our labels and suppliers as well as a high level service for our customers in Russia, Ukraine and other East European countries.

The wide range of labels distributed by TRAUM BAUM RECORDS covers almost all musical styles: whether you are looking for House, Techno, Electro, Jazz, Lounge, Alternative, Metal, Hip Hop, Punk or Reggae - you will find it here. The cooperation with many renowned labels and distributors all over the world allow a fast service at reasonable prices. Today, we exclusively distribute such fine labels as Wagram Music, Cafe Del Mar, George V, Compost, Pschent, just to name a few...

Trying to meet the requirements of our customers as well as in any way possible, we have always had a special focus on trends and products, which were hard - if not impossible - to find on the local market. This has led to the fact that TRAUM BAUM RECORDS has become the leading distributor if imported vinyl records in Russia.

Our customers are record stores, chain-shops and other retailers and wholesalers, like mailorder or online-shops. In order to expand our distribution network, we are constantly seeking new business partners in Russia, Ukraine and other neighbouring countries. So if you are dealing with musical products or accessories, please do not hesitate to contact us. Get in touch and find out why the service of TRAUM BAUM RECORDS has such a good reputation!


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