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 16 HORSEPOWER: All Access (180G 4LP+mp3)

Format: 4LP
Genre: Rock
Label: Glitterhouse
Release Date: 09.11.2019
Order Number: CG5181041

16 Horsepower were one of the most influential bands in the history of alternative rock. Consisting of Jean-Yves Tol? (ex-Passion Fodder/Lilium), Pascal Humbert (Passion Fodder/Lilium/D?troit) and David Eugene Edwards (later Wovenhand), they recorded two studio albums for A&M Records in the 90s, celebrated by fans and press alike. In 2000 the band moved to Glitterhouse Records to release their milestone "Secret South" - now with Steve Taylor on guitar as well. The tour to the album became a real triumph. As a result a live album called "Live, March 2001" was released. The Guardian wrote about their London show: "Tonight, 16 Horsepower are the best band in the world". Anyone who has ever experienced the band live knows what magic it developed. Definitely 16 Horsepower were not just any band. Three years after the release of "Secret South", 16 Horsepower - now again as a trio as in their early days - took up their darkest and, as the name suggests, most folk-influenced chapter: "Folklore" is perceived as the band's most intense and best album. All the sadder that it should be the last studio record of their career. Glitterhouse Records are more than grateful to have been able to work with this extraordinary band, and "All Access" : All three albums - "Secret South", "Folklore" and "Live March 2001" - were remastered for vinyl and of course pressed on 180 gram vinyl. "Secret South" and "Folklore" were not available as LPs for a long time, "Live March 2001" will be released on vinyl for the first time ever. Also the set contains reprints of the original tour posters from 2001 and 2003, download codes and revised sleeves. All Access" is a must-have for all 16 Horsepower fans, as well as a perfect introduction for those who missed the band at the time.

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