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Ministry Moral Hygiene

Moral Hygiene

Ministry have shared another taste of their forthcoming fifteenth studio album, Moral Hygiene, in the form of the typically crushing Good Trouble. ...


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Format: 2CD
Genre: Lounge/Chill Out
Label: Wagram
Release Date: 27.09.2019
Order Number: WM3368022

To end the summer in style, Buddha-Bar signs a new compilation with the Parisian genius Sahalé.

Deep and downtempo music has been touring festivals all summer. Heady basses, hypnotic & shamanic beats dotted with traditional Moroccan, Andean or Asian instruments... this spicy deep house seduces the new generations and even invades the famous Ibiza.

A booming phenomenon, a desire to live freely, far from the turmoil and stress imposed by today's society... Youth is demanding their freedom!

Who better than Buddha-Bar, the precursor of this musical philosophy to embrace this new generation and help it fly away?

And who better than Sahalé, a young Parisian DJ in vogue (WooMoon, Marvellous, Aum,...) to make you travel?

The Parisian label joins forces with the small Parisian genius for a unique compilation, like a suspended moment. On the CD "Made in Sahalé" there are only only unpublished tracks by Sahalé & friends. The CD 2 will be signed by Ravin, who will take you on a journey to the rhythm of his latest creations. 



Disc 1

    Sahalé - Shramana
    Sahalé - Sapana
    Sahalé - Gaya
    Sahalé - Kalong
    Sahalé - Maangalye
    Sahalé - Dhekra
    Sahalé/Wanduta - Luyana
    Nato - Wanaco
    Alvaro Suarez - La Pureza Esta En La Mezcla
    Dübelu, George X & Marcelo Cura - Living in Shadows
    Tebra - Vreme
    Valeron - Pilar

Disc 2

    Mystic Poets - Neda Love
    Ravin & DJ Sergee - Love & Desire (Feat. Reewa Rathod)
    Ariella - Selcuk
    Estray & Rain - Chakya Muna (Original Mix)
    Wassim Younes - Sussuro
    Nicos - Secret Love (Ravin Remix)
    Hot Oasis - Son of Sun
    Roni Iron - El Beso Del Silencio
    Jack Essek - Keephim
    Le Mirage Du Mirage - Yeke Fikir
    Double Touch - Evolution
    Jose Solano - Om Namaha
    Hamza, Hamza Rahimtula & Omanu - Desertica (Original Mix)
    Rorschack - Marisol


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