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one of the leading distributors of DJ Equipment and Audio accessories in Russia and the Ukraine.

TRAUM BAUM DISTRIBUTION is the official and exclusive distributor of world-wide known brands like Ortofon, AIAIAI, AM Clean Sound, Magma Bags, ZOMO and Decksaver on the territory of Russia and the Ukraine.
The company evolved from the music distributor TRAUM BAUM RECORDS, which was founded in 1997. In 2004 the product range was expanded from CDs, DVDs and vinyl records to musical equipment and accessories. The huge response for products like DJ bags, cartridges, cases, slipmats and other related equipment led to the foundation of TRAUM BAUM DISTRIBUTION in 2008. Today we serve a huge network of dealers allover Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

Below you can take a quick look at the most prestigious brands we distribute


Ortofon is a Danish manufacturer and the world's leading producer of cartridges and needles for phonograph turntables.
The range of cartridges from Ortofon covers the needs from the most demanding DJs.

DJs all over the world claim very high demands to their professional equipment, among which the cartridges "plays" their decisive part by realising the scratching, back-cueing, and live artistic performance, as a big part of the show. Reliability and robustness is vital, when the cartridges night after night will have to withstand these demands in environments with extreme soundpressure and vibration.

In 2018, celebrating 100 years of business in the audio industry, Ortofon announces THE NEW CONCORDE MKII GENERATION - newly redesigned models, tailored uniquely to the demands of modern turntable DJs.


AIAIAI is an audio design company dedicated to developing high quality audio products for everyday use. AIAIAI’s modern, minimalist headphones and earphones deliver clear, amplified sound. Headquartered in Copenhagen, AIAIAI is proud to contribute to Denmark’s worldwide reputation as leader in acoustic and electro-acoustic design and engineering.

The AIAIAI TMA-2 is a modular headphone trusted by artists all over the world. Choose from the signature models, build your own, or add individual parts to your TMA-2.

Explore TMA-2, the world's first modular headphone system, here.



The Danish heritage brand 'AM Clean Sound' has updated its iconic range of cleaning products for vinyl and analogue gear as it targets new generation of vinyl fans.

Copenhagen-based brand, which has delivered ‘clean sound since 1971’, has updated and relaunched their line of high quality products like record and stylus cleaners, vinyl brush and anti-static mat. Also included in the relaunch is a cassette cleaner, tapehead cleaner, pick up brush, record weight and gear wipes, all designed to take the best care of analogue equipment.

AM has always delivered quality products and standards remain high. The record cleaner is unaltered since 1971, specially formulated, safe and efficient. The vinyl brush is made from real carbon fibres to eliminate static and remove the dust and fine particles that can degrade sound. The stylus cleaner removes dust and particles from the stylus tip that can damage records and the stylus, as well as affect tonal accuracy. The anti-static record mat is made with carbon fibre, unlike others on the market which make similar claims.

Years of experience, quality and care run through the entire design ethos of the AM range.






MAGMA is one of Europe's largest developers and manufacturers of intelligent and economical DJ accessories.

MAGMA has an attractive and broadly diversified product range, which specifically considers the wishes and different demands of DJs.

An optimal and balanced proportion between stability, design, functionality, comfort and price-performance ratio is what we mean by a perfect record-bag or hardcase for DJs.


The German company ZOMO has built up an excellent repetition among DJs and musicians in the last years. The superb quality and style of ZOMO cases, bags and accessories have become well-known all over the world.

The product range covers just about everything a dedicated DJ needs, such as cleaning devices for records, stands, cases, cables, slipmats and replacement parts.

Sheer genius and totally cool! It’s ZOMO!





Decksaver stands for superb quality, innovation, protection and durability.

Our mission is to produce products of superiority, that serve a function and ultimately give you piece of mind. Clubs and bars the world over rely on our products to protect their equipment investments.

We started in 2008 knowing that there was a void in protection for DJ equipment. The club environment can be harsh, with smoke, dust and sticky liquids being daily hazards for club owners and DJs to keep in check. Decksaver covers are specifically designed to keep your equipment investments safe and sound.

Our covers are tailor-made to exacting standards to fit specific DJ equipment like a glove. Rather than using cheaper inferior plastics, each cover is manufactured from Polycarbonate - a very hardwearing plastic used in bullet proof glass. The use of Polycarbonate means that thinner material can be used, making for discrete, strong yet attractive protection for your equipment.

There are inevitably imitations of our products produced under different brands which we are very humbled by. However there is the unquestionable fact that there is no alternative for quality.  Decksaver ™ is designed, engineered and manufactured in the United Kingdom using our knowledge of over 40 years in plastics design and the latest innovations in engineering technology.


The Okki Nokki has been billed as 'the record cleaning machine for the people'. It’s an electrical record cleaning machine - compact, easy to use, good cleaning results. You wipe the cleaning liquid manually, the machine removes the dirt like a vacuum cleaner. Made in Germany with the highest build values and it comes complete with 2 bottles of cleaning fluid and a goat hair brush.

A must for all DJs or record collectors, who like to clean their collectibles. If you care about your records then protect your investment


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