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Ministry Moral Hygiene

Moral Hygiene

Ministry have shared another taste of their forthcoming fifteenth studio album, Moral Hygiene, in the form of the typically crushing Good Trouble. ...


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 OST/Rivera,Carlos Rafael: The Queen's Gambit (Music From Netflix Ltd Series)

Format: 2LP
Genre: Soundtrack
Label: MONDO
Release Date: 09.04.2022
Order Number: MOND254B

TRACKLISTING: Disc 1 - Side A A1 - Main Title A2 - Beth's Story A3 - Methuen Home For Children A4 - The Scholars Mate A5 - You're Gloating A6 - Training With Mr. Schaibel A7 - Am I Good Enough Now A8 - Playing Mr. Ganz A9 - Ceiling Games A10 - First Day At School A11 - The Green Pills A12 - Kentucky State Championship 1963 A13 - Top Boards A14 - Playing Townes Side B B1 - Playing Beltik B2 - The Lake - Cincinnati 1963 B3 - Playing Benny - Las Vegas 1966 B4 - Two Sides Of The Same Coin B5 - Mexico City Invitational 1966 B6 - Playing Girev I B7 - Playing Girev II B8 - Borgov I B9 - Beth Alone Disc 2 - Side C C1 - Ohio US Championship 1967 C2 - New York C3 - Training With Benn C4 - Paris Tournament 1967 C5 - Borgov II C6 - Jolene C7 - Returning To Methuen C8 - Turning Point C9 - USSR C10 - Moscow Invitational 1968 Side D D1 - Close Your Eyes D2 - Borgov III D3 - The Final Game D4 - Take It, It's Yours D5 - Sygrayem (Let's Play D6 - Anna Hauss and Robert Wienroder - I Can't Remember Love LP FORMAT DETAILS: BESPOKE DIE CUT 3D OPTICAL ILLUSION OUTER SLEEVE, BESPOKE DIE CUT INNER SLEEVES, BLACK AND WHITE VINYL, LINER NOTES BY CHARLIE BRIDGEN LISTEN LINK: OVERVIEW: In proud partnership with Netflix, Mondo is pleased to present Carlos Rafael Rivera’s Emmy award®-winning score to Netflix’s breakout 2020 limited series, THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT, written and directed by Scott Frank. For the limited series, Carlos Rafael Rivera delivered one of the stand-out scores of the last few years. Unusually, this is an entirely classical score: rich, sumptuous and utterly beguiling. The music is certainly a character in the show, reflecting Beth’s life... from meditative solo piano pieces, representing her early years growing up in an orphanage, with instruments and themes added throughout, as the years progress. "Working on THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT with director Scott Frank was a wonderful creative experience, and it’s both mind-blowing and humbling to see the huge impact the series has made on audiences around the globe. With the vinyl release I hope to bring the music of THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT to listeners and collectors everywhere to be enjoyed again and again,” says composer Carlos Rafael Rivera. From the moment you set eyes (and ears) on THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT, it’s obvious it is extraordinary… lightning-in-a-bottle special, we have been obsessed with the show since it aired in 2020, and are thrilled that Mondo is releasing this incredible EMMY award-winning score on vinyl. Alan Hynes incredible packaging is the final cherry on top here. It’s as intricate and mind-boggling as the show itself and undoubtedly one of the most incredible packages of the year. We hope you have as much fun listening to this incredible score, as we did putting it together. OTHER ACTIVITY:

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